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Island Maintenance

The residents of Prairie Fields have the privilege and responsibility to maintain the common ground areas. Over the past years, countless residents have volunteered to keep these areas beautiful. We are looking for additional volunteers.  Your help will be greatly appreciated and will add to the beauty and value of our neighborhoods.
If you are interested in helping, contact Craig Miller.

Maintaining an island consists of:
  • Spring clean up
  • Planting of annuals & perennials
  • Watering, weeding, and trimming
  • Leaf removal in the fall
  • The City of Prairie Village provides weekly mowing.

Island Maintenance Schedule and Tips


  • Clean & trim
  • Plan for planting. Keep it simple. We encourage the use of perennials & low maintenance plants.
  • If you need help with ideas, contact Craig, 522-5658.
  • Plant and mulch.
  • Annuals & mulch available at Westlake Hardware in Corinth Square.  Notify Craig to be placed on the approved list of volunteers.
  • Perennials & shrubs -- Choose from the list provided and contact Craig for delivery.
  • Water & trim